We Make It Easy

At Oliver Furniture our goals are to make sure you have a great experience while shopping for your furniture needs. We treat all our customers the same whether you're buying outright or using our easy payment plan we offer. We offer an easy payment plan that consist of anything $499 or under is $25 down & $25 a week (plus tax) and anything over $499 is $50 down and $50 a week (Plus tax). We offer this easy payment plan with no credit checks, no financing, no leasing companies.


Who We Are

My husband's dream was to open up furniture stores and eventually be all the way up the East Coast and then keep expanding throughout the whole United States. Eventually one day we hope to be at that point! We want our business to be successful and go on from us down to all our children and continue on and on. Hopefully for decades!

Another goal when opening up the furniture store was to try to go back to the old ma and pop stores back when we were children. When everyone was friends and treated everyone the same. As my husband would say, “They treated me like I was family and not just a customer/number” and that is our goal in our store!

We want to help supply our customers that work hard everyday with beautiful furniture that is affordable and good quality. To help with costs, we offer an easy payment plan if you can't pay it off at once. We know that sometimes life happens. Every one of our customers deserves a chance to own the furniture they want and should never have to say “I would love that but I can't afford it.”

The final goal is if you come in the store and see something you like on our showroom floor we have it in stock! As owners of Oliver Furniture, we want our customers to go to their family and friends and recommend us as the greatest furniture store. We're knowledgeable, respectful, caring and very helpful and we'll always be there to help you out with your furniture needs.

We hope to see you soon in our store for all your furniture needs whether it a big purchase or a small purchase, no matter the price we are always here for you!